QD Double Girder Overhead Crane


Heavy Duty Overhead Crane (QD)

Our winch series overhead crane is widely used in machinery manufacturing, assembly room, and steel structure workshop. Computerized design of box section extremely maximum crane durability and efficiency regardless heavy loads, frequent operation as well as poor working condition. With possibilities to fit walkway to the crane which provide maintenance access to much critical part, in addition, more lift height savings by hook smoothly traveling between beams. Max loading capacity reach as high as 500 Tonne.



Technical feature


● Critical distance between crab and upper platform of box section beam is optimize designed with 70%~80% measurement which compared to traditional product, therefore,

   workshop capital is saved. 

 High torque motor transmit power through hardened-tooth gear box connect by high speed shaft, optional with D.C brake or Hydraulic brake system. The integrate drive units

   outfit with winch and end carriage provide optimum performance, high precision, low noise while operation.

● Available modular speed regulation fulfill slow speed, double speed, frequency speed requirements, provide for each motion, comprehensively meets individual requirements.

 Outfit with overloading alarm device, hook clashing protector, intelligent automatic limit switch, various safety protection measurement offer a more reliable operate experience.

Heavy Duty Winch Hosting System

●  Work Duty can be designed to A5, A6, A7 and A8

  Hydraulic Brake for hoist and trolley 

●  Heavy duty gearbox

 IF44, IP54, F degree motor

Heavy Duty Long Travel System

●  Work Duty can be designed to A5, A6

  Hydraulic Brake for long travel system

●  Heavy duty gearbox

 IF44, IP54, F degree motor




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