FEM CXT Wire Rope Hoist


FEM CXT Wire Rope Hoist 

        FEM Wire Rope Hoist is an unprecedented innovation, our hoist catches up with the world’s main stream, and standing in line with the most advanced hoist products. Rope drum integrate with gear box motor lays out on the same level, therefore extremely minimum body dimension. Unique counter-wheel design maximum light the hoist dead weight. 

        The operation of frequency conversion driver enables the startup, operation and stop is stable and no impact. Lifting double speed driver (the frequency conversion driver is optional), enables realizing the perfect choice for material transportation, unloading or assemble. The trolley is high standardized and with small volume, so its installation is simple and its performance is stable. The maximum space between hanging tool of trolley and main beam is small, thus greatly decreases static hoisting height and saves the stack space of material. 

 Control Part 

         Main electric element adopts international well-known brand like Schneider and SIEMENS etc, so it is high quality with good performance, safety of which is guaranteed. Control mode consists of ground operation, air operation, remote control or the combination of above mode.


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