MG Double Girder Gantry Crane


Double Girder Gantry Crane (MGA)

For outside working yard, the gantry crane is the best choice.  The MG doubel girder gantry crane is a heavy dutry gantry crane. It is mainly for heavy duty working designing, such as 24 hours logisitc yard, steel factory, fabrication yard,  mining, port, railway station etc. The gantry crane can be equipped with hook, grab or magnet, or combination of the 3 devices.


The hoist is made by heavy steel frame, where hoist motor, hydraulic brake and heavy gearbox. The working duty could be designed to M5, M6 or M7.

Safety device:

▲  Overload protection

▲  Zero-phase protection

▲  Emergy stop protection

▲  LT, CT limit switch

▲  Buffer

▲  Rail grab


▲  Designed for indoor or outdoor use,heavy duty works.
▲  Equipped with high quality gearbox;SEW/ABB can be as optional according  clients special requirement.
▲  Safety limit switches for stoppers will be provided to prevent over traveling in all motions 
▲  Main elcetrical devices are Siemens or Schneider brand
▲  Power supply of Crane through Cable drum/Energetic Chain
▲  Controlled via push button pendant/Radio remote/Cabin, separately or any combination.
▲  Tailored based on client’s detailed requirement.




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