Pillar Jib Crane


Brief Introduction 

The BZD type pillar jib crane is a set of middle or small type equipment for lifting, which forms a complete set with electric hoist or manual hoist. It is usually adopted with push button or manual pulling, which is reliable and distinctive. The operated arbitrarily in three-dimensional space.  The hook approch will maximum this working area. C-track have the trolley moves smoothly. 

The BZD pillar jib crane is widely used in different places of all kinds of industry. Ambient temperature should be not more than 40 oC. Controlled by push button or remote.

The pillar jib crane is forbidden to use in combustible, explosive, corrosive, electromagnetic, electric hoist, melting metal, overloading and dust works.


Product Advantage

▲  Special designed reducer for reliable performance

▲  Box girder (for bigger capacity) gives safety factors

▲  Easy installation and maintenance

▲  Limit switch for rotation, trolley and hoisting

▲  Special painting material for outside yard

▲  Special rotation designing for winding area (need to be clarfified)

▲  Cost effective and fast delivering

Concrete Foundation

The jib crane must installed on a concrete foundation which starts from 1.3mx1.3m to 2mx2m. We can provide the referrence foundation drawing for client. However, client has to consider the local civil construstruction rules.



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